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We are offering innovative technology of agricultural production, which provides regeneration of soil’s fertility, production of pollution-free products with economical efficiency.

Life on Earth was created in two forms: vegetation and animals. Animals live due to consumption of vegetation, and plants develop due to animals. In such way we have a circulation of co-existence. So the bottom line is such: if you desire to increase your harvest – breed the animals and not only that, there are other kinds of life-forms that live in earth. Soil contains various bacteria, worms, mushrooms (funguses). By definition of one of the founders of biochemistry Vladimir Vernadsky, their biological substance in 1 hectare of black soil reaches few dozens of tons. Offered technology allows to lower to the maximum and in some of the case to refuse application of mineral (nitric, phosphoric, potash) fertilizers, chemical treatments and stimulators of growth for seeds, fungicides, to harvest stable crops, which doesn’t differ from typical technologies.

This technology includes such main elements of complex approach:
1. information technologies - statistics, analytics, forecasts;
2. agro-technical innovations - refusal from deep ploughing with turning over of the top layer and switching to minimal tillage of soil; agro-technical component of application of liquid fertilizers, and the means of plant protection; 
3. agronomical innovations - seed treatment by bio-preparations instead of treatment by chemical fungicide;
- spraying over of crops with bio-preparations instead of applying of nitric nutriments during phase of tillering and spraying plants with fungicides;

Great role in this technology belongs to complex microbic preparations, organic-mineral nourishments, biochemical…
- most recent achievements of modern science.